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BLOKSAN Kiremit-Tuğla-Reks-Asmolen-Blok Sanayii Ticaret Anonim Şirketi
İzmir Ankara asfalt over Koşukırı place PK:18 Turgutlu-MANİSA/TURKEY telephone number: +90 236 313 13 16 faks number : +90 236 313 44 03

Young People Covered by the Project “GLOBETROTTER-OUR PROVINCES” Visit Bloksan Brick Museum.

Young people who visited our company in order to cause the young people to meet, socialise and to enhance the dialogue between the young people and to promote the natural and historical riches in our provinces and the industries playing a role in the development of these provinces under the 1 (one) day’s mobility project entitled “Globetrotter-Our Provinces”, which is the sequel of the Mobility Project of the Ministry of Youth and Sports were told how bricks were produced, what might be made of bricks and taken to see the very first Brick Museum of TURKEY, in which displays and applications are contained, and described what might be made of clay. In this context, we thank the authorities of the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports of Manisa who have provided our young people with such an opportunity.

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