BLOKSAN Kiremit-Tuğla-Reks-Asmolen-Blok Sanayii Ticaret Anonim Şirketi
İzmir Ankara asfalt over Koşukırı place PK:18 Turgutlu-MANİSA/TURKEY telephone number: +90 236 313 13 16 faks number : +90 236 313 44 03

Having started the production of bricks using machinery in the Irlanmaz Stream district in the town of Turgutlu, Manisa in 1962, BLOKSAN has been producing at its modern facilities on the Izmir-Ankara Highway in the Kosukiri district since 1972.
Having achieved its initial exports to Saudi Arabia in 1978, Bloksan has proven its quality all over the world by being awarded the INTERNATIONAL GOLDEN QUALITY (BUSINESS INITIATIVE DIRECTIONS) Award in the United States in 1999.
Bloksan has started to display more than 150 products in an applied manner in the exhibition hall which it built in 2008 and achieved to undersign a first in this field.

Capable of satisfying all the requirements of its customers through supportive R&D (Research and Development) studies, Bloksan keeps being a pioneering company it its sector without sacrificing the quality.