BLOKSAN Kiremit-Tuğla-Reks-Asmolen-Blok Sanayii Ticaret Anonim Şirketi
İzmir Ankara asfalt over Koşukırı place PK:18 Turgutlu-MANİSA/TURKEY telephone number: +90 236 313 13 16 faks number : +90 236 313 44 03


as BLOKSAN A.Ş., to be considered innovative in our sector, reliable in our works, and pioneers of quality products from raw material to end product by our companies;

as BLOKSAN A.Ş., to be able to satisfy our customers’ requirements in the shortest period of time, at the lowest cost and at the highest quality through our customer-focused service concept;

as BLOKSAN A.Ş., to offer products in the desired schedule, at the desired quality and in the desired mode of delivery in order to satisfy the requirements of our customers in the exact and correct manner;

as BLOKSAN A.Ş., to follow up and apply any technological developments and innovations in the sector to be able to keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level and to achieve continuous improvement activities as the customer loyalty depending on customer satisfaction shall the most important aspect which shall take us in the front for the future of our company;

as BLOKSAN A.Ş., to fulfill the requirements of the quality management system in order to maintain our standard quality in all the products and to identify its name with reliable products in all the places where it is renowned;

as BLOKSAN A.Ş., to offer all our customers the products and services at the highest quality together with our business partners  and to increase our market share by being innovative and productive in our sector;

as BLOKSAN A.Ş., to be reliable in all our works and to be the pioneer of the quality and quality products;

as BLOKSAN A.Ş., to be able to satisfy the customer requirements in the best way and in the shortest period of time and to keep the customer satisfaction on the top, being in continuous  contact with the customers and thus achieving the permanency of customer satisfaction;

as BLOKSAN A.Ş., to adopt the quality as the precursor of everything and to place any necessary importance on both the technological and standardization and personnel investments in order to be able to reach its quality to the topmost level with a focus on the customer satisfaction at all times.