Decorative Bricks

The living spaces and the environment are even more beautiful with the pressed bricks, windowsill bricks, facing tiles, stair bricks, decking tiles and floor bricks produced by BLOKSAN. Having a natural and aesthetic texture, these products impress the people by creating different areas of use. It is possible to create any building imagined, using these products which BLOKSAN produces.

28 cm Plain Earthen


Stock Code Description of Product Dimensions (mm) 1 Running Meter/Tile Weight of 1 Tile
B0510190 Plain Earthen Pipe Height:280 mm. – internal ø:150 mm  3 Tile 7.50 Kg.
B0510191 Plain Earthen Pipe on Pallets Height:280 mm. – internal ø:150 mm 3 Tile 7.50 Kg.



Various products have been launched to replace earthen pipe in the contemporary technology.

But if one studies, one can see that no product has been as useful for the human health as the product made from baked clay under any circumstances. In this respect, you may carry the fresh water which you may bring in a healthy and clean manner and the waste water which you may discharge in a harmless manner by means of earthen pipes made from baked clay in the healthiest manner.
It is the most ideal material in the harmless transfer of the geothermal waters and liquid wastes in the treatment plants in industrial facilities.

” It may be custom-manufactured.”



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