Decorative Bricks

The living spaces and the environment are even more beautiful with the pressed bricks, windowsill bricks, facing tiles, stair bricks, decking tiles and floor bricks produced by BLOKSAN. Having a natural and aesthetic texture, these products impress the people by creating different areas of use. It is possible to create any building imagined, using these products which BLOKSAN produces.

Threaded Facing

55-bd  dişli cephe kaplama tuğlası (2)

Stock Code Description of Product Dimensions (mm) 1m2 / Tile / Tile Weight of 1 Tile
YDBD-55 Threaded Facing Brick 220x50x50 mm. 90 Adet 65.00 Kg.
YDBD-55P Threaded Facing Brick on Pallets 220x50x50 mm. 90 Adet 65.00 Kg.




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