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“STYROSAN is a BLOKSAN corporation manufacturing food packaging and TSE-certified heat insulation materials under the permission of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.”


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Stock Code Product Name Dimensions (mm) 1 Number of Boards in Package 1 Package (m²)
YDSYI-03 EPS Heat Insulation Boards 1200x600x40  (18-20 Density) 10 7.20
YDSYI-08 EPS Heat Insulation Boards 1200x600x40  (28-30 Density) 10 7.20

Most Ideal Material for Floor-Heating Systems

  • It has low floor conductivity.
  • It is durable against environmental conditions and long lasting.
  • It does not absorb water.
  • It has so good a shock absorption property.
  • It does not produce bacteria.
  • Hot water pipes laid in channels are not displaced due to large knob ends on their sides.
  • It is much easier to lay hot water pipes with equal spacing thanks to piping channels.
  • It prevents the pipes from gathering on one side when grout is to be cast over the floor heating.
  • It moves as a whole in the space where it is laid due to the grooves on its sides.



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